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Sports that do not use a clock: Baseball Softball Tennis Cricket Bowling Golf Curling Volleyball Dodgeball Badmitton Ping-Pong

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Blame it on Rio

I wish every sport had weight classes.  I’d like to see Heavyweight Pole Vault and Rhythmic Dance. There’s an obvious joke there- I’m picturing an NFL Lineman prancing across the mat trailing a ribbon- but I’m serious, too. Different bodies have different abilities.  When short people play basketball, the game is subtly different than when …

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Their is a Sports Scandal in Australia, resulting in a four-game suspension for a player: A CA statement read: ” (Daniel) Worrall scratched an image of a penis and testicles into a wicket being prepared for a grade cricket final that coming weekend.” (source) Wow. A sports scandal that doesn’t involve sex, drugs, or cheating- …

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